What is Manual Milling?

In precision engineering, manual milling is a machining process that uses a manual milling machine to shape and surface complex components with high accuracy. This process involves securing a workpiece on a milling table and using manual controls to move the cutting tool across multiple axes to remove material and create intricate features.

How does manual milling work?

Our qualified engineers manually adjust the milling machine’s speed, feed rate and cutting depth to achieve precise dimensions and surface finishes. The process is commonly used for producing prototypes, one-off parts and small batch production runs for all kinds of industries, including construction, automotive, manufacturing and packaging.

The benefits of manual milling

Manual milling offers distinct advantages in engineering, including versatility, precision and control. Our skilled operators can manipulate manual milling machines to produce custom parts with intricate geometries and tight tolerances. Unlike CNC machines, manual mills allow for immediate adjustments and fine-tuning during the machining process, facilitating rapid prototyping and experimentation.

In addition, manual milling machines are often more affordable and accessible than their CNC counterparts, making them suitable for small-scale production or specialised projects. Their hands-on nature fosters craftsmanship and problem-solving skills, making manual milling indispensable in industries where customised or one-off components are required.

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