Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is widely used in engineering to modify the mechanical properties of metal components. For example, the process of annealing reduces hardness and increases ductility, which is ideal for machining operations. Meanwhile, hardening increases toughness and wear resistance, which is critical for cutting tools and gears.

Tempering is another option, which balances hardness and toughness, which is vital for springs and structural components. There’s also case hardening, which forms a hard, wear-resistant surface layer whilst retaining a ductile core, making it useful for gears and bearings.


Plating is a surface treatment process that has extensive applications in engineering, as it enhances the functionality, appearance and durability of metal components. It involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto a substrate through electroplating or electroless plating methods. Applications include corrosion protection, where coatings such as zinc or chromium safeguard components from environmental degradation.

Decorative plating, such as chrome, can also be used to enhance aesthetics. Additionally, plating provides wear resistance, friction reduction and conductivity, making it indispensable in multiple industries.

Powder coating

Powder coating, a dry finishing process, is commonly used in engineering for its durable, high-quality finish and environmental benefits. Components are coated with a fine powder, then heated to form a protective layer that’s resistant to corrosion, chemicals and abrasion. Applications are wide ranging and include automotive parts, architectural components, machinery and appliances.

Powder coating offers a wide range of colours, textures and finishes, enhancing aesthetics whilst providing excellent coverage and uniformity. Its efficiency, durability and eco-friendliness make it a preferred choice in various engineering sectors, as it helps to achieve long-lasting and visually appealing surface finishes.

Electro plating

Electroplating is extensively used in engineering for enhancing the surface properties of metal components. It involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto a substrate through electrolysis, which then provides benefits such as corrosion resistance, improved conductivity and enhanced aesthetics.

Common applications include coating automotive parts with chrome or nickel for corrosion protection and decorative finishes. Additionally, electroplating is used in electronic industries to deposit precious metals like gold or silver onto connectors for improved conductivity and reliability. Its versatility and ability to tailor surface properties make electroplating indispensable in various engineering applications for achieving desired performance characteristics.

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